Run For God 5K Challenge: A 5K Bible Study

Looking for a way to share your passion for running and help others accomplish their goal of completing a 5K? The 5K Challenge is a Bible Study that aims to help people learn to run while strengthening their relationship with God.

As an instructor, you’ll have the unique opportunity to share your faith and passion for running, while also helping people achieve a goal they didn’t know they could accomplish.

Become a 5k Challenge Instructor

I’m not a teacher. Can I really do this?

Many people are nervous about leading a 5K Challenge because they are either insecure about their ability to teach or their knowledge of the Bible. However, this course is specifically designed to enable anyone to lead the class. After leading a challenge, almost every instructor has told us that they didn’t think they could do it but are so glad they did!

You CAN do this. We’ve had thousands of instructors that were nervous before they started. If you ask them about it, they’ll tell you that the Instructor’s Kit had everything they needed to lead the course. You can turn “I can’t,” into “I did.” The best part is, you can help others do it too!

When should I start my class?

First, find a local race for your class to participate in. Next, we recommend that you start your class 13-14 weeks before the race date. Even though the program is only 12 weeks, you should allow an extra week or two to account for holidays or scheduling conflicts.

Frequently Asked Question


  • Curious what a Run for God class can do for a church? God can use anything for His Glory!

    There's no limit to what can happen when pastors believe their main job is to unleash members to serve out of their gifts and passion--and when members say "yes" to God's call to step up and step out. Meet senior pastor Jim Wilson and courageous unpaid leader Ben Reed---and see what God can do to transform a church through Bible study, faith development, and a shared interest.

  • Whether you are taking it or teaching it the class will change your life.

    Go behind the scenes of a Run for God class and you’ll see that our Instructors are the hands and feet of this ministry.

Run For God's Instructor 5K Challenge Kit

What's in the 5K Instructor's Kit?

Worried about not having the materials or knowledge you need to lead a class? Don’t let this stop you! Your 5K Challenge Kit contains everything you need to lead. Each kit includes:

  • The 5K Challenge – Instructor Manual – A step-by-step guide to leading The 5K Challenge in your community.

  • The 5K Challenge – Student Registration Kit – Everything your students get including a Student Manual, a Worldwide Challenge Tee, and the 5K Challenge Decal.

  • Access to your very own Instructor's Dashboard at RunforGod.com

  • Access to all online Run for God teaching resources and videos.

  • Access to the Run for God Instructor’s Facebook Forum – A great networking forum for Instructors just like you.

  • Access to design your own Registration Page for your class. Very user friendly and looks professional!

The Instructor’s Kit provides access to:
  • The Instructors’ dashboard

  • The Instructors’ downloads where you can access even more instructor materials including posters, flyers, video’s, etc.

  • The Instructors’ classes where you’ll be able to set up and promote your class on RunforGod.com

  • The Run for God instructors’ Facebook group

Can I preview some of the material before buying?

Yes, you may preview our 5K Challenge Instructor's Manual by following the link below.

Preview The Instructors Book
How do I get started as an Instructor?
  • Purchase a 5K Challenge Instructor's Kit.

  • Watch our "Getting Started" videos.

  • Start your first class.