What is Run for God?

Run For God is an organization that uses running to help people connect their passion for running to their faith.

Our History

Run For God Founder Mitchell Hollis began running in 2007 and quickly became hooked. By 2008, Mitchell had completed a marathon and was signing up for every race he could get his hands on, no matter the distance.

After a few years of this, Mitchell realized that running had become an idol for him and that he was putting running before his faith. Mitchell felt convicted and knew that he had two options: Give up a sport that he loved, or Use running to further God’s kingdom.

The first thing Mitchell did was make t-shirts with a “funny-looking stick man” on them that read “Run For God.” Mitchell began wearing these shirts whenever he ran. The shirt made people ask questions and presented opportunities for Mitchell to tell his story.

While sharing his story with others, Mitchell discovered that there were a lot of people who were interested in running but didn’t know how to get started. Feeling God working on his heart, Mitchell went to his pastor and started a 12-week class at his church that taught people to run while making connections between endurance and faith.

Other churches in the community heard about the class and asked Mitchell to teach the class to others. The program gradually grew, and before Mitchell knew it, God had helped him write, design, and publish a 5K Bible study so that others could begin teaching the Run For God 5K Challenge.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare people to be better witnesses for Christ physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Create a healthier you and make it possible to reach a new demographic of non-believers—potential believers!

Matthew 28:19-20


Learn the discipline and endurance that it takes to "run the race set before us."

Hebrews 12:1


Learn always to give God the glory for all that we accomplish.

Psalms 86:12
What is the Run For God 5K Challenge?

The Run For God 5K Challenge is a 12-week Bible study that focuses on endurance and faith. The course is designed to allow anyone the opportunity to run a 5K—regardless of fitness level—and draws parallels between a physical race and our journey with God.

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What does running have to do with faith?

The passion that comes with running can make the sport seem a little selfish. The good news is that Run For God offers you the opportunity to use your passion for running to impact others as an instructor. If you feel like you've been lead to share your passion for running and the word of God, don't miss this opportunity to help others find Christ.

Become A 5K Challenge Instructor
How do I get started as an Instructor?
  • Purchase a 5K Challenge Instructor's Kit.

  • Watch our "Getting Started" videos.

  • Start your first class.