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Change Starts Here.

We understand that you clicked this ad for one of many reasons. Maybe you're unhappy with your fitness. It could be that you're on the hamster wheel of life just going through the motions day after day. Or maybe you're curious about the intersection of faith and endurance. Whatever the reason, we're glad your here.


At Run for God we welcome walkers, runners, people who dream of doing either, and we show them that while fitness can be challenging, it can also be Life Changing. Nothing worth doing comes easy. It's always a challenge, but at Run for God, we surround you with education, direction, motivation, and a community of like-minded friends who want to see you succeed!

Life Changing

A changed body, a changed life, a community of support, and a deeper understanding of how God plays a role in all of it.

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Watch the fascinating Story of Run for God

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