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What's Included?

RunClub provides everything you need to draw the parallels of Fitness and Faith. The Top 3 are what we refer to as The TriFITa.



Most people start right here. Run for God's world class training plans will help you reach that next fitness goal. Whether you plan to walk a marathon or run your next 5K, we've got a plan for you. Couch to Marathon, yep, we've got that too! Join us today.


A training plan coupled with decades of coaching experience can be a very effective combination. At Run for God, Coach Dean and Mitchell have coached everyone from kids all the way to college and professional athletes, and everyone in between. The best part. They are here for you!

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Training plans and coaching will only take you so far. But when you surround yourself with like minded people who are there to encourage you along your journey, the sky is the limit. Lifelong friendships have been created in this Club. Come meet new friends!

Other Services


Thursday LIVE

Join Coach Dean every Thursday evening as he discusses running and takes all your questions LIVE on RunClub SOCIAL.


Weekly Podcast

Each week Coach Dean, Mitchell, and the occasional guest discuss the intersection of running and faith. Join us!


RunClub Weekend

Each year RunClub shows up in Dalton, GA to pray, eat, and run together for one of the most special weekends ever. We're family!


Become a Coach

There's no better way to learn than to COACH, and we'll show you how. Become a certified Run for God Coach today.

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