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Your Story

Your story is powerful and may be just the thing that someone else needs to hear. Share Your Devotion below for a chance to have it featured on our RunClub Podcast.

Copyright Release

I hereby grant to RUN FOR GOD, INC all my copyright interest in and to the copyrighted written work listed above (“Devotion”). This grant of rights specifically, but without limitation, includes permission to print, reprint, reproduce, distribute, disseminate, and otherwise use (in whole or in part, and in any and all formats or mediums) the Devotion. I am specifically, but without limitation, granting permission for exclusive rights to use the Devotion in this and future editions of the following project(s):Project Name: RUN FOR GOD’S DEVOTIONS / Motivational Posts, Blog(s), and electronic or printed publications in book, pamphlet, flyer, magazine or any other form.I certify that no other individual or parties hold copyright interest in the work(s) described above and that I hold all rights to the work listed. I hereby certify and covenant that I am of legal age

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