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Discover Your Strength - Join Our Supportive Run or Walk Community Today.


Start Date: August 5, 2024

Finish with a 5K in your community!

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Join a challenge and run or walk at your own pace. Access Training Plans and Community! 

What You Get

Receive proven training and workouts that help you safely navigate to your first goal. Through these training plans, running and walking is attainable and desirable. Stay on track with these weekly workout plans.


Proven Training

Access running and walking knowledge that introduces you to the sport safely. This allows the sport to be enjoyable, satisfying, and rewarding as you accomplish your goals. We want to help you make this a lifestyle change!


Sport Knowledge

Through Biblical devotions and spiritual encouragement, be strengthened in your running or walking endeavor, and throughout life. Understand the parallels of enduring the sport while persevering in your faith.


Spiritual Encouragement

Become an active member within the Run for God RunClub where you can engage and interact with like-minded runners or walkers. Make friends that share the same passion of fitness and faith. Stay connected through our exclusive online social group, podcasts, and race events. 



A Typical Week with Run for God

All of these benefits are included in your membership - Join in at your own pace! 

Challenge Class Time

Weekly Podcasts

Run Club Live




This is a time each week when we go in-depth about the week's workouts as well as discuss our sport and how it parallels with our faith. Watch individually or as a group.

This is your weekly dose of the coaches (Dean, Mitchell, and guests) talking all things running. It's informative, inspiring & unscripted. We think you'll have a blast!

This is your chance to ask all your questions. Each week, Dean breaks down a topic of running as well as the weeks lesson, then opens the floor for a fun discussion.

The week wouldn't be complete without the amazing workouts. Depending on where we are in the year, you can plan on running or walking 3-5 times per week.

About Our Challenges:

All Include:

  • Education for running and walking

  • RunClub community access

  • Spiritual encouragement and devotions

  • Access to Run for God apparel store

Nationwide 12-Week Challenge

This challenge includes 3 workouts per week. Finish with a 5K (3.1 mile race). We also offer this in a paperback book. This is a great place for beginners to start! End this challenge with a in your community.

Self-Paced 2.png

These challenges are perfect if you want to get into shape on your own timeframe. Choose from 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, or Full Marathon. Access our training plans and RunClub Community today! It's really that simple!

Start Today!

Next start date: August 5, 2024

Discover The Endless Possibilities Within You

At Run For God, we are a community of runners and walkers that share in the success of achieved goals, new found strength, spiritual growth, and accountability. This is done through training resources, and interaction with like-minded runners or walkers. Discover the limitless possibilities within you! 

Lace up your shoes… let’s get to the starting line together! It’s time to get moving! 

Did You Know?

We are Nationwide

There are Run for God runners located across all 50 states.

Proven Success

There have been over 250,000 Run for God graduates.

13 Years Helping Others

Run for God has been helping people turn "I can't" into "I just did" for over 13 years!

Still Have Questions?

Download our FAQ's and access the benefits of becoming a Run for God member.

Check your email for this information.

What Run for God Members are Saying


Run For God RunClub has a ripple effect that blends physical and spiritual growth personally and then touches the lives of your family, friends, and many others in your life. 

Josh Johnson


RunClub is like family to me. Always uplifting and encouraging everyone. Also it is just not about the running it is about helping people with their spiritual growth. And developing friendships through running and faith in God. On a personal note it has been a life changing experience to me!! 

George Williams

Who is Run for God?

Run for God is a Christian organization founded by Mitchell Hollis, dedicated to promoting faith and fitness by combining running with spiritual growth. The program offers training and support for individuals, especially beginners, to improve their physical well-being while deepening their connection to their faith. Run for God believes that running can serve as a metaphor for the Christian journey, emphasizing perseverance, endurance, and the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle grounded in faith.

In 2023, Run for God and Upward Sports merged to support local churches and individuals by using running and walking as a ministry tool. The exciting new offering is still under construction for local churches and will be available in the coming months. Stay connected on these exciting happenings!

Contact Us

P.O. Box 99

Varnell, GA 30756

(706) 694-0937

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